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new guy here.
i'm from around fresno (sanger) & believe strongly for women's (&all people's) basic rights as human beings.
& just though i'd join because this community looks like a great place to meet other who feel the same way.
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Ebay stuff!

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Hey everyone..came across a few other sites mentioning Fres-no and decided to join. Born and raised in this more than hot place.

BTW, 40 WATT Hype playing at Club Fred's tonight. Check them out if you haven't yet. FYI -

~ Michelle
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Recieved this e-mail for submissions the other day, and thought some of you might have material that would be suitable. I submitted work last year, and it was a positive project and would like to see more people involved with it.


Dear Women's Alliance: We are now soliciting poems short stories,
along with any type of creative fictional or non-fictional works that
you have personally written. Tell your friends. We plan to have the
Journal come out on April 19th at the annual Outrageous and Talented
Women's Night.Voices: A Journal of
Women’s Writings
is now accepting submissions for our SPRING 2004
They can be dropped off
The Women’s Resource Center or Women’s Studies Office 201 in the
Social Science Building
Last day we will be accepting Submissions
Monday March 8, 2004
(limit three per person)
The submissions must be on both disk and a hard copy saved in Rich
Text Format (RTF); and be accompanied by a cover sheet that will be
available at both drop off sites

For more information contact: Marilyn Byrne 227-7557, cell 301-6678,
available in Women’s Studies Office T,W,TH, 2:00-5:00pm or e-mail me
at skippy41@csufresno.edu
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Yard Sale!!!

Hey kids. Yea, I know it is the dead of winter but I am really strapped for cash and I have wayyyy too much crap and nowhere to put it. Ditto goes for my bro whose bright idea it was to have a yard sale in January. Sooo....that being said it is going to be on Saturday and Sunday. Sat we are going to be there pretty early in the morning (for us anyway) around 8. Sunday we won't be out there untill like 11:00 am because we did it last Sunday and no one came til around noon. There is going to be a ton of baby clothes (boy clothes) some of which are brand new, some maternity stuff, LOTS of womens clothes (ranging from teen-ish through middle ageed), some baby furniture (swing, saucers) and quite possibly a ton of books and a bunch of stuffed animals. So yea, come and give us $$ because we are poor. I'll just set out a little donation can and you can all come and put a buck in just because you love me so much...lol...j/k. Oh, and I suppose I shoule tell you where it is. It's on Patterson between san pablo and Patterson. It's pretty close to FCC. The address is 1425 Patterson., It's an ugly 2 story pink house-can't miss it. Thanks guys!

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Hey. I'm Jesse. I randomly came across this and it seemed interesting so here I am. I am a 21 year old single mother from Clovis. Yea. And now for a shamelss plug (hope ya don't mind) for my community dorks_r_us_2003
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