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Lately I've been hit with the fact that I don't know how to stand up for myself, I feel like 13 all over again when I am put in certain situations.

1.) I am at work (I work at a public events venue, doing lights and sound). There are a bunch of high schoolers doing skits, and this one guy gets up on stage, stuffed clothes to look fat and put a sign over him saying "fat chick". He's making all these jokes about "eating four subs at the mall everyday" and so on. I'm seething. These are kids going into medical school and they are laughing their asses off. Should I have stopped the show? Should I have said something to him afterwards? I am worried I would have been written off as crazy or oversensitive, it's not like these kids know me or even care. What should I have said, if anything?

2.) At Borders I am reading the new issue of Bitch and these three teenage guys keep passing me by saying, "I can't believe there is a magazine called Bitch" "what kind of fag would read that" and then one boy grabs an issue and they all hover over it and say something about "look, all those dykes have to order vibrators because they hate men." I guess I've been in my own little sensitive world too long because this really shocked me and made me feel uneasy and ew. It's different to try to educate people I know but I doubt this group would have welcomed my opinion.

I dunno if my point was to rant or whatever. I think I'm just sick of myself for justifying my passive-ness.

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